Printer driver is unavailable Error on Windows? Try these fixes

Then, place a double-tap on the file and follow the on-screen prompted instructions. In the next step, you need to go to the folder where the downloaded file is saved. If you need the perfect solution for any printing problem then visit Printer Support forum, post your question and receive perfect remedial measure from diligent experts.

3)Click Update to download the Canon MF8200C driver, then you can install it manually. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct driver for it. To get the latest driver, you need to go to theCanon support website, find the driver corresponding with your specific flavor of Windows version and download the driver manually.

The initial step is to check the version of drivers or the working system must know the driver status if HP Printer driver unavailable error pops-up. For removing this issue on Windows or Mac System, keep reading this blog as you will get the right access towards fixing this hard error. HP Universal Print Driver – PCL 6 is a printer driver developed by HP to support many HP printers (but also some non-HP printers).

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Open to any suggestions for solid printers that are still more easily IT manageable / have model-specific drivers available. Once the printer starts working again, you can set it as your default printer. Return to Devices and Printers in step 3 above, right-click the printer and select “Set as default printer”. Open Device Manager, locate the printer device, right-click it and select “Uninstall device”. If you don’t see the device here, don’t worry; it means it’s been removed already after performing step 3. When Windows finishes installing the file for you, reboot your computer and test your printer to see if the issue is fixed.

  • There are no Printer Properties in Devices and Printers where we can try a test page from Windows.
  • You don’t want to skip these updates – an outdated driver may cause your printer to stop working with your computer.
  • The driver file contains a generic driver (“HP LJ 4/5/6 w/Euro SIMM/DIMM”) for any of these earlier models that have the HP euro SIMM or DIMM installed.

Did you manage to fix your HP printer’s “Driver is unavailable” error on your computer? If you did, try keeping the printer drivers and the operating system up-to-date to minimize the chances of running into the same problem going forward. If not, contact HP Support for model-specific fixes that could help resolve the driver issue.

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HP UPD simplifies driver deployment and management. This advanced print driver has the ability to discover HP printing devices and automatically configure itself to the device capabilities (e.g., duplex, color, finishing, etc.). In this resources Windows 10 guide, you’ll learn the steps to search, download, and install basic printer drivers from the Windows Update Catalog website. Once the default network settings gets reinstalled, reach on the back panel of printer and select wireless settings and then start wireless setup installation wizard. The printer will search for available systems. Reach HP official website, choose printer model and then look for option to print self test layouts.

In particular, gamers generally should keep their graphics drivers as up-to-date as possible to ensure the best graphics performance and the fewest bugs with modern games. In other cases, you might need to get the latest version of a hardware driver if the current one is causing problems with your computer. And that’s how you can update your device drivers without any hassles. As we’ve said above, keeping your drivers updated is one of the sure fire ways to keep it protected from outside threats, as well as from random bugs. We hope you were able to update your drivers through one of these methods.

The results are also cached and the recently discovered device list is updated to provide an easy method for future selection. In dynamic mode, HP UPD is considered to be a virtual device. Therefore, the new device instances do not appear in the Printers folder. Go to the printer manufacturer’s Web site and search for print drivers, printer drivers or drivers. There are mostly two main solutions which you can use to counter the error ‘Printer driver is unavailable’.

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